Revolver's "No Distortion" series invites heavy music artists to ditch their amps, pare down their songs, and showcase their intimate side. In this episode, Mike Scheidt, singer, guitarist and principal songwriter for sludge-doom act YOB, welcomes us onto his father's tree farm just outside of Eugene, Oregon, where he delivers a stripped-down, transcendent reinterpretation of their epic song "Marrow," from 2014's album 'Clearing the Path to Ascend.'
Here, in one file, is the most moving footage I have ever captured. Period. It's Mike, Travis, and Aaron doing what they do best--blowing our motherlovin' minds with transcendental metal that opens up a universe of sound and reminds us of how small we are in the grander scheme of things (and yet, with lives that are of infinitesimal value).
Setlist: Kosmos Breathing From The Shallows The Lie That Is Sin Marrow Grasping Air Support Max Volume Silence Live on Patreon Max Volume Silence Live: Contact: